The first members of the ICS were sailors; identification with the candle at the origin, the very design of the club.

Since its inception, more than sixty years, the Regatta Santos-Rio has the club as a starting point. The Regatta Groves, created by Fernando Lee, remains to this day on the calendar of the club as their more traditional competition.

Over the years, however, increased exponentially the number of motor boats in hangars and wet places of the seats, while sailboats became minority.

But – as the Commodore Berardino Fanganiello – “there is no sense in a yacht club without a strong Sail” and, in recent years, ICS has been investing in the promotion of regattas and regional championships and nationwide.

The club also was the birthplace of important sailors like John and Guga Zarif, Eduardo Souza Ramos and Jonas de Barros Hairstyle, current Vice comdoro Finance and Administration of the institution. And continues to support athletes like Olympic sailor Adriana Kostiw and South American champions Rafael Gagliotti Snipe and Henry Wisniewski, and associates who have at sports, real passion.

Since 2012, a partnership with Corum / Griffith, ensures the participation of the club banner on a sailboat HPE 25 category on the rise in national sailing. Recently the crew, led by Rafael Gagliotti won the title of Vice-Champion Brazilian by the class.

The Vela lives tailwinds in ICS.