A beautiful veteran

In little over one hour you leave the city traffic, noise and rush and reach Guaruja. Going through the city is not necessary: the club is right there, by the ferry service.

As the first head office established in 1947, through the years it became a reference in nautical services. Nautical infrastructure includes a Petrobras gas station, a hangar servicing boats of up to 80 feet, which includes a compressed-air painting facility that can be rented to third-parties, dry and wet hangars, two travel-lifts with capacity for 35 and 75 tons respectively; tractors with hydraulic levering system and fork-lifts. All operated by a highly skillful, in-house trained team.

On land there is a profusion of sporting opportunities, such as the swimming pool, tennis and multi-discipline courts, a fully-equipped gym club. There are also socializing opportunities at the Pizzaria do Mirante, the Sushi Bar by the pool, the Caco’s Teen, at the bar, or at the main facility restaurant.

For children there is a playground, toys’ house, computer arcade, and a lot of room for playing and for riding bikes. Security personnel operating 24×7 from a camera-aided central command.

Rua Funchal, 1.140 – Vila Funchal
Guaruja – SP
CEP 11432-900
Phone: 13 3348-4000, Fax: 13 3358-2873
e-mail: icsgj@icsantos.com.br

Prefix SDZB
23º 59’13” S
046º 17’06” W

Maritime VHF
Channels 68 and 74
UHS-SSB 4431.8 and 8.291.1

Fantasy Island

Rio de Janeiro’s “Costa Verde” (Green Coast) is a beautiful region all year round. The legend says that there are 365 islands – which may be an exaggeration – but it challenges the sailor to explore as many beaches as possible.

Acquired in 1986, the facility has been experiencing an impressive growth in its services infrastructure. The main building offers a restaurant, a bar, a living area, and a panoramic balcony with an astonishing view.

Just like the plant typical to the Atlantic rainforest that here thrive as if they were in a greenhouse, the improvements are many. The marina offers both wet and dry vacancies in well-protected hangars. The heliport is certified for night operation. 24×7 security teams oversee the entire perimeter.

The area, with approx. ___ sq. meters, gathers our guests’ summer houses, which we call cottages as homage to the first houses built there that were just a support for those arriving by sea), and flats that can be rented to members and their guests. All this plus swimming pools, tennis courts, children’s recreational facilities, sauna bath, massage parlor, hairdressers’, and a fully-equipped gym club overlooking the sea.

Rua Projetada, 1
Porto do Frade – 2nd District
Angra dos Reis – RJ
CEP 23900-000
Phone/Fax: 24 3369-0100
e-mail: icsar@icsantos.com.br

Prefix – SJCG
22º 58’32” S
044º 23’55” W

Maritime VHF
Channels 68 and 74

Inspiring beauty

The ICS facility is on Ponta do Barreiro, less than a kilometer from the island’s charming shopping area.

Overlooking the sea, the building offers one of the most beautiful views of the channel. The access to the beach, restaurant, and the marvelous swimming pool is through a ramp that allows going the 40 meters downward in less than a minute.

To those arriving by sea the ample pier offers electricity, water and wireless Internet. Another option is to use one of the many moorings in the proximity. Those arriving by land may drive into a members-only parking lot. There is a permanent shuttle service back and forth to the villa.

The club’s first facility to obtain an environmental certification for nautical activities, it has an ample deck projecting over the sea, beaches of crystalline waters, and a set of swimming pools with a bar. The pizzeria and restaurant supply the energy necessary for sailing in and off this island that is considered as “Brazil’s sailing capital”.

Avenida Luiz Massa, 201l
Ilhabela – SP
CEP 11630-000
Phone 12 3895-8296, Fax: 12 3896-5442
e-mail: ics-ilhabela@icsantos.com.br

Prefix SDZB
23º 49’16” S
045º 22’16” W

Maritime VHF
VHS 8.291.1
SSB 4.431.8

Hospitality Tradition

Once in 1884 Dona Veridiana Prado had her palace built in Higienopolis, she opened its salons to artists, intellectuals, politicians, and impresarios just like in the salons of Paris. With over three thousand eight hundred sq. meters, the house is a temple of hospitality…

In 1947, Jorge da Silva Prado, one of the matriarch descents, gathered in his residence his sailor friends to discuss the foundation of a yacht club within protected waters so as to offer boats a safe harbor.

On 14 June that year, on Avenida Higienopolis number 18 were drafted the minutes of the creation of a nautical association that would later become the Santos Yacht Club (ICS).

In 2008, over sixty years later, the ICS returned to its origins: an agreement with the São Paulo Club (its owner since 1959) turned the house into the São Paulo headquarters of ICS.

“We want to give São Paulo a present”, said Commodore Berardino Fanganiello upon launching the fundraising campaign for restoring the property. The project enjoys tax benefits granted by the Rouanet Law.

Av. Higienopolis, 18 – Higienopolis
São Paulo – SP
CEP 1238-000
Phone: 11 3155-4400, Fax: 11 3257-9451
e-mail: icsantos@icsantos.com.br