Our History

For its service structure, the number and quality of its yachts, and its members, the Santos Yacht Club (ICS) is today considered one of the most important boating clubs in the country.

In its by-laws the ICS defines itself as a non-for-profit sporting association founded to promote and propagate the maritime way of living.

Having this mission in mind, the club does not limit itself to safely guard boats. A myriad of sporting, social and cultural activities take place in the club’s facilities aimed at bringing members closer to boating practices and boost awareness of the ocean environment.

The club has directorates for sailing and environment, fishing, land sports, and telecommunications, as well as supporting directorates such as social, maintenance, and boating. Presently, the directorate for environment is involved in an effort to obtain all the necessary environmental certifications. Our Ilhabela facility has recently obtained the internationally recognized certification of Fundação Vanzolini for its environmental practices. This certification is to be renewed every year.

Today the ICS employs around 200 employees for its facilities in São Paulo, Guaruja, Ilhabela, Paraty and Angra dos Reis, also contracting hundreds of outsourced service providers such as sailors, mechanics, upholsterers, carpenters, painters, laminators, electricians, etc. Around one thousand contractors pass daily through our Guaruja facility, the most hectic during the year, providing services for the club and the boats, be it in the water or in dry hangars.


The ICS was founded in 1947 by a group of people interested in finding a safe place for keeping their vessels, most of them sailboats.

The meeting that resulted in the foundation minutes took place at Dona Veridiana da Silva Prado’s mansion located on Avenida Higienopolis number 18, then the residence of Jorge da Silva Prado, one of her grandchildren, the founder and first director of the ICS.

The area chosen for building the boating headquarters is the same where today the Guaruja facility is located, by the ferry service, as it offered protected waters and easy access from São Paulo.

In 2007, upon celebrating 60 years of the club’s foundation, in Guaruja a new service hangar was inaugurated to also serve non-member boats.

Thanks to the identification of our members with domestic and international sailing events our club was chosen as the starting point for the country’s most important ocean race, the Santos-Rio Regatta, now in its 59th edition.

Due to its activities, along the years a very close relationship was established between the club and the port authorities with jurisdiction over the club’s facilities, as well as with the 8th Naval Command in São Paulo. Besides supporting the Navy’s activities, the club actively propagates norms and recommendations issued by this Federal agency.

For the services rendered to the sailing community, in 2006 the ICS was granted in Brasilia with the maximum commendation of Brazil’s Navy for civilian institutions.

The creation of a club

The first years were spent in the construction of a service infrastructure able to keep and move a growing number of boats, which between motorboats and sailboats came close to 250.

During all these years the club has been developing its radio systems so as to follow up any departures and arrivals, give support to maritime traffic in general, and provide information on the weather and conditions of the sea. The radio room also gives emergency support for non-member boats, thus offering a useful public service.

With the expansion of the pioneering Yacht Club in Santos, and the opening of facilities in Angra dos Reis (at the Condominio do Frade), and Ilhabela (at Ponta do Barreiro), and a support for members in Paraty (at Marina Porto Imperial), we now offer a bigger, more efficient radio coverage.

Over the years the ICS built a wide network of affiliated clubs with which it maintains reciprocal agreements according to which the ICS may welcome in any of its facilities boats from all over the world, with an offer of support services during their stay. In the sailing world our club is known for its warm hospitality to visiting boats, whether or not they come from affiliated clubs.


The ICS publicizes its activities through the Yacht Club magazine, its quarterly publication that has already surpassed 160 issues. Besides the activities of the club and its members, the magazine takes a strong stand in favor of Nature preservation and publishes practical suggestion for preserving the environment.

In April 2009 the ICS began to publish a new magazine, the Revista Iate, a bimonthly publication focused on nautical matters and the lifestyle of those who love the sea, with news and articles on cultural and behavioral matters (www.revistaiate.com.br)